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Peak Design Out Front Bike Mount

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Peak Design Out Front Bike Mount

English version

Rigidly mount your phone to your bike’s handlebars with our streamlined yet rugged Out Front Bike Mount. Uses both magnets and a mechanical lock to ensure your phone stays connected to your bike, whether its a quick commute or a century ride down gravel trails.


  • Rigidly installs onto your bike handlebars via included hex screw or thumb screw
  • Positions phone in front of your bars, in optimal viewing angle and away from your knees
  • Holds phone in portrait or landscape mode
  • Magnetic locking technology (called SlimLink™) is ultra secure and feels like magic
  • Included thumb screw lets you quickly reposition phone for filming your ride
  • No-look, 1-handed phone attachment and removal
  • Locking mechanism strong enough for any cycling activity or terrain
  • Includes sizing collars to attach to the following bar diameters: 22.2mm (7/8″), 25.4mm (1″), 31.8mm (1-1/4″)
  • Includes GoPro-style accessory mount for attaching bike light or action camera
  • Weatherproof, durable, lightweight machined/anodized aluminum construction

Phone/Case Compatibility

  • Requires use of a Peak Design Case or Universal Adapter


  • Overall dimensions: 11.4cm x 5.1cm x 6.3cm (4.5″ x 2″ x 2.5″)
  • Mount Head: 5.5cm x 5.5cm x 0.7cm (2.2″ x 2.2″ x 0.3″)


  • With hex screw and no collars: 87.1g (3.07 oz)
  • With hex screw and small collars: 88.6g (3.12 oz)
  • With hex screw and medium collars: 92.2g (3.25 oz)
  • With hex screw and large collars: 92.9g (3.27oz)
  • GoPro-style accessory mount: 8.3g (0.29oz)
  • Thumb screw: 8.8g (0.31oz)


  • Machined/anodized aluminum mounting head & arm
  • Grippy silicone mounting pad with Tinuvin 770 UV-stabilizer
  • Polycarbonate bar sizing collars
  • PVD coated stainless steel hardware
  • High-temp neodymium mounting magnets

What’s in the Box

  • Out Front Bike Mount x1
  • GoPro Accessory Mount + Screw x1
  • Sizing Collars: 22.2mm (7/8″), 25.4mm (1″), 31.8mm (1-1/4″) x3
  • Thumb Screw (for flip-to-film functionality) x1
  • Hex Wrench x1


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