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FLEXTAIL – Flex Grill





FLEX GRILL – Foldable Camping BBQ Grill

A Truly Compact Portable Grill – Weighing only 1.5 lbs, the FLEXTAIL grill is easy to transport and can go anywhere: camping, tailgate, RV, boat, park, hiking, boating, decks and patios, travel, apartments and tiny houses, Beaches, road trips and more.


This folding grill can move as well as cook! Its compact size makes it easy to carry anywhere – in the park, camping, tailgate or on deck. Whether you’re making burgers, chicken, or hot dogs, just pull out this little BBQ charcoal and make your meal with minimal effort!

Can also be used as a bonfire

After BBQ, it quickly changed to a bonfire. The bonfire is a large rhino that you can enjoy bonfire luxuriously even solo.


With high heat-resistant painted food grade stainless steel which gets rusty hardly& Easy to clean.

Ultra-lightweight and compact storage

The lightest barbecue grill, Weight 590g. Compact enough to fit in your pocket when stored .Suitable for 1-2 people. It only takes 3 minutes to install the grill, and you can quickly achieve a camping barbecue.


  • Color: Silver
  • Size: W34 × D34.5 × H19.5cm / W47 × D47 × H25cm
  • Storage size: W30 × D7 × H5cm / W42 × D13 × H8cm
  • Material: stainless
  • Gridiron: 5kg/3kg
  • Bonfire net: 2kg/5kg
  • Accessories: Carry Bag
  • Gridiron size: W23 x D15.5cm/W38 x D12cm
  • Bonfire size: W24 x D24 cm/W37.5 x D35 cm

Additional information


Flex Grill – Large, Flex Grill – Small


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